Introduction - Toddiebag


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Toddiebag was born responding to the changes in my personal life when I, Fruzsi Giret copywriter became a mother of the little boy Bence. I faced many problems but the Hungarian market did not offer the right products to solve them. So I decided that I will make these products as a part of a new business. I asked my friend Györgyi Laár, costume designer and illustrator, to help me to create a baby and toddler clothing and accessories designed in our own style under the brand name Cseppke.  

Our first product was the dribble bib which was a niche product that time in Hungary, but what brought the real breakthrough were the sleeping bags, launched in 2014. The product is unique because we took the idea of the sleeping bag with feet, already existing abroad, and developed it, adding the roll-up socks that function as socks at night and can be opened during the day. 

These sleeping bags with roll-up socks became popular almost instantly, so the Cseppke business brought sweet dreams to thousands of families in only a few years.In 2017, we decided to introduce our products to all the mothers living in the other countries of the world, under the brand name Toddiebag.