Snail Toddiebag

Sleeping wear for toddlers with roll-up socks

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The little ones cannot uncover themselves if they sleep in a Toddiebag, this way they are protected from the cold. Children are able to put their feet through the holes at the bottom of the sleeping wear, so they are not held back from moving if they wake up and want to toddle somewhere. The roll-up socks function as socks when pulled on the feet, keeping the little one warm from underneath as well. The Toddiebag has zippers on its side, so children sleeping on their tummies can rest comfortably too. 

Every piece of the collection is sewn from fabric made especially for the Toddiebags. The lively colours and stripes on the fabrics are made to be in perfect harmony with the animal patterns on the Toddiebag.

The Toddiebags are available in 11 different sizes.


Recommendations when choosing the right size: Check the size of the clothes that your child is currently wearing and choose a Toddiebag one size bigger. 

There are four types of Toddiebags accommodating different seasons

1. Winter Toddiebags
2. Winter Toddiebags with extra cotton layer
3. Summer Toddiebags
4. Hot summer

1. The winter Toddiebags are made out of:
Outside: 100% cotton
Inside: 100% polyester
Wash on 40°C, inside-out.

2. The winter Toddiebags with extra cotton layers are made out of:
Outside: 100% cotton
Padding: 100% polyester
Inside: 100% cotton
Wash on 40°C, inside-out.

This Toddiebag has an extra cotton layer inside in addition to the normal fleece layer so your child's skin would meet a soft cotton material. 

3. The summer Toddiebags are made out of: 
Outside: 100% cotton
Inside: 100% cotton
Wash on 40°C, inside-out.

4. Hot Summer Toddiebags are made out of: 
One layer: 100% cotton 
Washing: inside out, 40°C

This Toddibag is made from only one cotton layer as you asked for it! It can be a good solution for the hottest summer nights. 

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