I ❤ Nature - Bordeaux Toddiebag

Eco-conscious sleep sack for toddlers, from size 74 to size 134, made in an environmentally conscious way. ‘Do no harm’.

Product available with different options


The pieces of this collection are made from natural fabrics, the highest quality possible,  they don’t contain anything harmful to the skin.  

The fabrics are coloured with organic, 100% baby friendly, saliva resistant, EU certified dyes.

From the 100% cotton, to the organic polyester, to the vegan leather label - every piece of this product comes from a natural source.

The product was designed and made in Hungary, EU. 

The only exception is the organic polyester, which comes from the Netherlands.


 I    Nature was designed with the intention of minimizing the production waste as much as possible. 

Toddiebags are designed for little ones who already walk. 


Children cannot uncover themselves in a Toddiebag, so they are protected from the cold. No need to use an extra blanket over the product! 

They are able to put their feet through the holes at the bottom of the sleep sack and are free to walk if they wake up and want to go somewhere. 

No more ice-cold feet! Toddiebags are made with roll-up socks: it functions as a regular sock during the night, just pull it over your child’s feet. When they wake up, simply roll them up to prevent slipping. 

Toddiebags are available in 11 different sizes.


Choosing the right size: Check the size of the clothes your child is currently wearing and order a Toddiebag that is a size bigger.  (For example: regular size: 80 - optimal size of the toddiebag - 86)

1. Winter Toddiebags

2. Summer Toddiebags

1. The winter Toddiebags are made out of:

Outside: 100% cotton

Inside: 100% cotton

Wash on 40°C, inside-out.

2. The summer Toddiebags are made out of: 

Outside: 100% cotton

Inside: 100% cotton

Wash on 40°C, inside-out.

Please note, that the vegan leather label will soften after the first wash. (It may feel harsh for the first time but don’t worry, right after it will be soft like the regular one!) 

Please note, that the tumble drier may damage the product permanently! We do not recommend using it.

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