Lilly, the Fairy

In a Land far-far away, somewhere by the Land of the Dream-bringer Elves, there lived the fairies. Their land was beautiful, beyond any imagination: rainbows, cotton candy clouds, fragrant flowers and trees decorated it all around. In Fairy-Land the only law was to stay away from the humans, otherwise their peaceful lives might be interrupted.

Lilly, the sweet, little fairy girl always longed for adventures, even though her curiosity has gotten her into trouble on many occasions. Although every fairy has a special power, Lilly has not figured out hers yet. The only thing she knew was that it was in connection with her little box, which (no matter how much she used of it) was always full of sparkling fairy dust. Lilly has already tried to use it to heal wounds, or to decorate a room, she even tried to cook with it once, but with no success.

On a beautiful morning, she was playing ball with her friends, when one of them kicked the ball so far, they had to go and look for it. Lilly ran, and ran and ran in search of the ball, right across the border of the Land of the Dream-bringer Elves, when she heard an intense discussion.

“It’s unbelievable” said Todd, the Lord of the Elves.

“We have been trying to get the little girl to sleep for month. Her parents are desperately worried” explained another elf, excited.

“We have to find a solution, so tonight, I myself will go to her” concluded Todd.

Lilly became very excited, because she smelled a new adventure. She decided that she will go with the elf, in secret, of course. So, that night, after her parents fell asleep, Lilly snuck out of her house and went in search of that little girl. It was a dangerous thing to do, for she would go among humans. Nevertheless, she followed Todd, and just like that, she was inside the room of the little girl, Chelsea.

The little girl kept on resisting to sleep, no matter how her mum and dad rocked her, or sang to her, she would not sleep. Todd, the Lord of the Elves, in his invisibility cloak, murmured the sleeping spells one after the other, but in vain. No magic worked, Chelsea would not go to sleep.

Seeing all this, Lilly was thinking about a way she could help. While she was wandering around the room, thinking, she tripped over a music box. Everyone peeked in her direction, and for a moment, it seemed that they saw her. But the little fairy, quick as a cat, managed to hide on the shelf above the bed. “Uh” she thought, “this was a close call.” But Todd, the elf, realised straight away that someone had followed him into Chelsea’s bedroom. He suddenly jumped up the shelf, frightening Lilly so much, that her fairy dust fell out of her hands, and landed on Chelsea’s head. And just like that, the little girl fell asleep instantly.

The elf looked at the soundly sleeping girl, and Lilly was overwhelmed with joy, for she realised what was her special power.

“You are reckless. We could have gotten into trouble” Todd scolded the smiling little fairy, but then he quickly forgave her. “You did a good job, putting Chelsea to sleep. Thank you” he said, while casting an invisibility spell on Lilly, so they could go home safely.

By the time they got home, everyone was looking for Lilly.

“Mum, dad” cried out Lilly. “I finally know what my special power is.”

“But sweetheart” said her father “you mustn’t go anywhere without permission, especially not among humans.”

“You have to listen to us” took over Lilly’s mum. “You were lucky that Todd brought you home.”

“I know. It won’t happen again” said the little fairy, feeling sorry.

Her parents forgave the fairy-girl, and soon, they were all listening in amazement, how Lilly’s talent came to light.

From there on, even up to this day, whenever a little child would not or cannot go to sleep, the Dream-bringer Elves ask for Lilly’s help, of course with the permission of her parents.

(If you can’t go to sleep either, stroke the picture on your Toddiebag, and with the help of the sparkly fairy dust, you will fall asleep quickly.)

Did it ever happen that you couldn’t sleep?

What did you do then?