Peter, the hero of cows 


Peter, the tiny, purple crow couldn’t fly. But however small, he was just as active. He spent his days running up and down with his siblings under the big, old cherry tree, and they had so much fun. There was only one thing that the birdies enjoyed more; when they walked to the train station with their parents, to snitch a few crumbles that fell from the snacks of the passengers.

But because Peter, unlike his siblings, couldn’t fly to the top of the benches and tables, he had to settle for the crumbles on the ground. The only thing he could do was stretching. So he stretched and stretched his tiny neck, even more so, because he was convinced that the more he stretches, the taller he would grow.

No matter how patiently his mother tried to teach Peter how to move his wings in order to fly, Peter didn’t believe that he would ever be able to do this stunt.

When July came, and the cherry season with it, Peter really did do a lot of stretching. For what, you ask? For the cherries, of course. Because all his siblings were bigger than him, they could fly up to the branches of the tree and eat the cherries from there, but Peter could only eat the ones that fell to the ground, or those that he could reach. But even cherries, the favourite food of Peter, weren’t enough to make the little bird fly.

One day, while his siblings were on the tree, eating cherries, Peter got bored of waiting for the fruit to fall down, and so he went for a little walk. He walked and walked, until he heard a strange noise. The noise came from a little tit that fell out of the nest and after falling a few feet, got stuck in the branches of the nut tree.

Peter knew, he had to do something to help. But we know, he couldn’t fly, so he had to find another way to go up to the little tit. As he was thinking, Peter heard a scary sound. When he turned his head around, he noticed the fox that snuck behind to catch him. Peter didn’t have time to get scared, he jumped very high, so he dodged the paw of the fox. But this didn’t mean that Peter was safe, because the next moment, he fell back to the ground, just in front of the nose of the fox.

Now the fox tried to catch Peter with his mouth, but the little crow was faster, again. He jumped up in the air, and then something strange happened. Even though, his mother wasn’t there, Peter seemed to hear her voice: “Use your wings, son. Move them up and down.” So Peter gathered all his strength and tried to move his wings, as quick as he could, up-down, up-down. Unlike before, Peter now managed to fly. The little bird realised that he stayed up in the air, not very high though, but high enough that the fox couldn’t catch him. Seeing this, Peter gained confidence and started to move his wings faster. He flew higher and higher, until he reached the branch to where the little tit has fallen. Peter flew next to the baby bird and said:

“Hi, I’m Peter, I came to rescue you.” “Hello, I’m Tina, the tit. I’m very scared” answered the little tit. “Don’t worry, there is no danger now. We will go and find your nest, but we have to wait until the fox is gone” reassured the little bird, the even smaller birdie.

Tina, as a well behaved little tit, stopped to worry, and after the fox lagged home, the little bird climbed on Peter’s back, and they flew to the nest, where the tit parents were already really worried.

This is the story of how Peter, the tiny crow, who could only hop, saved the little tit and learned to fly.

In the evening, when he told this story to his parents and siblings, his mother patted his head softly and said: “see Peter, if you use your wings, you can reach anything you want.”


Is there something you would like to learn, because you can’t do it yet? What is it?


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