Bunny Ben, the comedian

Nyúl Béla

Bunny Ben has a very funny face, that’s why everyone in the town called him “the funny faced Bunny.” But it’s no surprise his face is so funny, because he always eats comic carrots for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner as well.

When he was a little bunny, his mother always called him to the table saying (or, when she was in a good mood, singing even):

“Ben, the comic carrots are ready.” Then the little hungry bunny always ran to the table happily and started to eat.

But the comic carrots are not a joke. Or to be precise, it is a big joke. At least for some people. Because if somebunny eats a lot of these, and especially if that someone is a talented little bunny, like Ben was, then that someone will not only grow very tall and learn to whistle well, but also, will always be in a good mood.

It won’t matter what they see on the streets or what they hear on the Bunny Channel, they will always think of a joke, something that would make them laugh. And while laughing, the face of these special bunnies lengthens in very funny ways. So, because all the non-funny faced bunnies like to see the funny faced bunny, because it cheers them up, everybunny in the town, always searches for comic carrots for Bunny Ben to eat.

Since then, Ben has grown into an adult bunny, but his popularity didn’t diminish one bit.

Wherever he goes in  town, someone always stope him: “Good day, Bunny Ben!” When he was little, they called him Bunny Benny, but since he grew up, no one dared to say this to him. But where were we... oh, yes…

“Good day Bunny Ben! Would you eat a few comic carrots? We could really use some cheering up at our house.”

Can you say “no” this kind invitation? Bunny Ben likes to visit the non-funny faced bunny family, who could use some cheering up. Ben eats comic carrots and then says something very funny.

For example, he tells the joke about the bunny, who went to the pastry shop:

“Do you have carrot cake?”

“No, unfortunately, we don’t” says the shop owner.

The next day the bunny goes to the pastry shop and asks again:

“Do you have carrot cake?”

“No, we still don’t” replies the shop owner.

The third day the bunny goes to the pastry shop as well:

“Do you have carrot cake?”

“Yes, we do, we made it especially for you” says the shop owner, happily.

“Yuck, I hate carrot cakes” replies the bunny, and slams the door of the pastry shop.

On this joke many bunny families laugh, and so Ben doesn’t have to do anything else, but go from house to house, eat comic carrots and tell jokes.

Now his tale is told.


Is there any kind of food that always cheers you up, like carrots do with Bunny Ben?