Peeking Paul, the king of hide and seek


In this story Paul will peek out from behind every line. This is no coincidence, because he likes to play hide and seek so much. He hides here, he hides there, he hides everywhere, and then when someone passes by, he jumps out and scares them shouting “peek-a-boo.”

But Paul is not really the master of hide and seek. For one, it is because he is a small giraffe, and second, because wherever he hides, some part of his body always peeks out; either his ears or his bottom, or the tip of his head.

But Peeking Paul thinks that if he can’t see the others, they can’t see him either. This was the case when he hid behind the lamppost, or, when a while ago, he hid behind the badminton net.

How come then, that no one has noticed Peeking Paul yet?

Well, that’s because Peeking Paul’s parents always look for their son very enthusiastically. “Where could the king of hide and seek be?” asks Paul’s mother “under the bench maybe?”

“No, no, I have already checked under there” answers Paul’s father.

“Then maybe behind the monkey bars…” says the mother.

“Maybe” replies the father.

“Ah-ha-ha” giggles Paul, all excited, behind the swing set.

But, because the swing set was not at all near the monkey bars on the playground, his father couldn’t find Paul.

“There is only one place now where he could be” said Paul’s mother, and turned towards the swing set.

 Then, Peeking Paul suddenly jumped out from his hiding place and said: “Peek-a-boo”.

His parents, as always, were very surprised, and Peeking Paul run towards them happily, to hug them.

You think they didn’t see Paul’s bottom peeking out from behind the swings? Of course they saw it, but they remembered the time when they were little giraffes, and when they liked to play hide and seek. And they remembered how thrilling it was to surprise their parents.

So they set aside that their son’s ear or tail or foot was peeking out from somewhere, again. Instead, they got scared every time Paul jumped in front of them, and they laughed together with the king of hide and seek.


Do you have a secret hiding place? Would you tell where it is?