Introducing the Toddiebags with roll-up socks

Does your child always uncover himself/herself at night? Has your baby ever caught a cold because of it? We have put an end to this. The Toddiebags are already on the market and they solve all the problems with uncovering. If you are interested in how, scroll down. To see the web shop, click here.


10 reasons why your child should wear a Toddiebag

1.) Naturally, your child won’t be able to uncover him/herself.

2.) Because of this, you yourself can sleep well at night too, knowing that your child will not catch a cold.

3.) The sleeping bags are soft and warm like a hug. The fabric on both sides of the winter sleeping bag is made of light cotton, with a warm, polyester filling, to make sure that your child feels your care and love, even at night. (Summer sleeping bags are made out of two layers of cotton, without the filling.)

4.) Thanks to the huge range of pattern and colour schemes, everybody can find the perfect Toddiebag sleeping bag.

5.) The super-cute animals on the Toddiebag sleeping bags will brighten up the nights of your child.

6.) When putting on or taking off the sleeping bag, and while diaper changing, the small ‘mom friendly’ details give you a helping hand.

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7.) The sleeping bags are available in bigger sizes as well. To see the size-table, click here.

8.) If your child can already walk, he/she will not fall over in them; the roll-up socks are made of fabric that prevent slipping.

9.) Nightgowns or pyjama tops slip to the neck of the children by morning, uncovering their hips and making their nights uncomfortable. However, the Toddiebags protect your child all night long.

10.) The roll-up socks sewn on the sleeping bags are unique to the Toddiebag brand. At the bottom of the sleeping bags are roll-up socks which can be tucked away when the child is sleeping and pulled on when the little one wakes up, just like socks or trousers.


If you are interested in how, scroll down. To see the web shop, click here.