The three wishes of Wishy, Washy and Mushy

Once upon a time there lived three swivel-eyed, feather-headed, namby-pamby penguin brothers, who loved fish, very much. The only thing they loved more than fish was each other.

And everyone knows, that there is no love like the love between siblings. Or, sorry, there is. The love between mama penguin and her penguin babies. And of course the love between papa penguin and his penguin children. And, in the best case, the love between the mamma penguin and the papa penguin… But where were we?

Oh yes. So Wishy, Washy and Mushy, who loved fish, but they loved each other more, were toddling along the seashore all day long, trying to catch fish. However, their attempts were worthless, because they weren’t co-operating. Mushy, the eldest, went in front, followed by Wishy and Washy, who never took their eyes off their brother. Because of this, they usually bumped into everything and everyone that came in their way. This way,

They were not only unable to catch fish , but they weren’t able to go very far either.

One day however, the ice broke, and Wishy exclaimed in his surprise:  - Look! I caught a fish! -

- Mushy look, Wishy really caught one -  said Washy.

- Ohh, look how cute it is! -  exclaimed Mushy, and he was right, because Washy’s first catch was not just any fish, but a real goldfish.

- Let me back in the water, and I’ll make your three wishes come true -  said the goldfish.

Washy sat down by the water and examined the little fish closely, while he was thinking about what to do with it. He thought about what it would be like to share this little fish with his brothers. No matter how wishy-washy little penguin he was, his imagination was very big. He imagined that this little fish wouldn’t be enough even for him, let alone all three of them. Then he thought about the offer that the goldfish made, and decided to let it back into the water, because then every one of them can get their own wish, and they can ask for anything they want. For example, they can ask for fish.

And that is what happened, Washy let the goldfish back into the water, and with this he proved that:

1. Penguins really like fish.

2. Penguins love their siblings more than they love fish. That’s why they are probably still eating those fish that all three of them asked for.

Now their tale is told, you can toddle along.

What would you wish for, if you had a goldfish that would make three of your wishes come true?