Frequently asked questions


What size to order?

Our general advice is to order a sleeping bag at least one size bigger. This difference in size usually ensures that the sleeping bag will last for the whole season. Ordering a two size bigger sleeping bags is argued between mothers: some think it’s too much, some think this is a good solution.


How do I know what is the size of my child?

Believe it or not, we ourselves didn’t know this when we became mothers. The size of your child is basically how tall your baby is and changes with every 6 centimeters. So this means that clothes sized 86 are perfect for a 86 cm tall baby.


When choosing the right size, does it matter that my baby is quite slim?

Because the Toddiebags are looser than any other piece of clothing, it will not fit your child in width, no matter if he/she is slim or slightly tubby. What matters, however, when choosing a size, is the height of your child.


How thick are the Toddiebags and what kind of fabrics are they made of?

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Which kind of Toddiebag to order? 

Our advice is to order the thicker sleeping bag for winter and the thinner for summer. Of course this question is more complex than that. We know it is a stupid answer because we hated it too, when we were not given proper advice, but in this case we still have to say that you have to be the one to decide. In a room where it is always hot, even in winter, the thinner sleeping bag is enough, however, in a cooler room the thicker one is better, even in summer.


Are all the patterns available in both types of sleeping bags?

We have a layer that prevents slipping or falling over on the roll up socks of every stripy premium sleeping wear, with a pattern identical to the one on the front of the sleeping bag. 


How to dress my child under the sleeping bag?

Under the sleeping bag, your child should wear pyjamas and, if needed, onesies. But naturally, the temperature of the room, the season you are in and how much your child sweats, all influence this. If you click on our website, you can read the opinion of a mother who is an expert in dressing children. She resumed in a table how to dress your child under the Toddiebags for winter.


How are the Toddiebags different from other sleeping bags?

We are proud that we were the ones who invented the roll up socks for the sleeping bags. These roll up socks are useful because at night they cover the tiny feet of your child. But these are helpful even when your child doesn’t want to wear them, because these keep the sleeping bag at the ankles, not allowing it to slip up to the knees, when your child pulls his/her feet up while sleeping. This is the reason why we recommend you to try the sleeping bag with roll up socks.


If you want to see pictures of how the roll up socks work, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Which sleeping bag is made of fabric that prevents slipping?

We have a layer that prevents slipping or falling over on the roll up socks of every sleeping bag, with a pattern identical to the one on the front of the sleeping bag.


Why are the zippers on the side of the sleeping bag?

We put the zippers on the side of the sleeping bags because that is the place where it bothers children the least. We covered the zippers with a layer of fabric so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for children who sleep on their side.


How can I pay for what I ordered?

You can pay your order by debit or credit card or by bank transfer. We will process your order as soon as we have received your payment.


What should I do, when the sleeping bag that I want to order is not in stock?

The Toddiebags are available in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes. We have a big stock, but if we are out of the sleeping bag you want, subscribe and we will let you know when it is available.


What should I do when I ordered the wrong size and I want to exchange it?

If you haven’t washed or rinsed the sleeping bag yet, write us to this address: and we will tell you about the process of the exchange.


What should I do if I have doubts regarding the quality?

Write us to this address: send photos if you can and we will look into your problem immediately.


What should I do if I like the product, but my child doesn’t want to wear it?

If the sleeping bag wasn’t washed or rinsed, only tried on (or in the worst case not even that), write us to this address: and we will let you know about the return process.


Until when can I exchange the product and under what conditions?

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may exercise your right to return purchased products within 14 days from the date on which you received them from

To return products we invite you to contact our websupport before shipping your return package to us.

If you washed or rinsed the sleeping bag, we will not be able to exchange it or take it back.


Can I send back the sleeping bag that has already been washed?

Of course you can do this, but unfortunately we will not be able to exchange it or take it back, because the sleeping bag counts as used when washed or rinsed. So please don’t send it back, because you would only waste the shipping expenses.


How is the shipping of the products happening? When do I receive the product?

Your order will be delivered by post and you'll receive it in approximately 6-8 working days.

Can the Toddiebags be used instead of the duvet?

These sleeping bags are not as thick as duvets, because otherwise it would be uncomfortable for children to toddle in them. The winter sleeping bags are about as thick as a warm blanket, so when it is very cold outside it is necessary to cover your sleeping baby with a duvet as well. However, if your child uncovers at night, the sleeping bags usually protect them from catching a cold.


Do I have to cover my child with an extra blanket or is the sleeping bag enough on its own?

As we wrote it in the question above, we don’t think that the Toddiebags are enough when the weather outside is very cold. We ourselves put an extra blanket on our children if it is very cold outside, but if the child uncovers at night, the sleeping bags usually protect them from catching a cold.


How do I know whether my child is cold or feels hot in the sleeping bag?

You can know this by touching the back of your child’s neck. If the neck of your child is wet from sweat, it is too hot for him/her, if their neck is cold, then your child is cold. If you don’t feel anything different, it means that the temperature is just right for your child. In the first few days of trying the Toddiebag, it is recommended to check on your child like this to make sure that he/she feels comfortable in the sleeping bag.


Where can I contact you?

By e-mail: Which we check often on weekdays, as well as weekends. But you can find us on Facebook with less formal inquiries.