Anita Nagyné Németh: Ben and his ragged, old car

Once upon a time there was a little toy car, who got lost in the city. He fell out of his owner’s, Ben’s, backpack, on the way home from school. The ragged, old car was trying to find his way home, but try as he might, he couldn’t find that particular house, Ben’s home. His rusty wheels could hardly coop with the long miles, but he made them roll on steadily, all the while thinking of his little owner, Ben. When he reached the bakery, he thought about how happily Ben used to eat his apple pie here. Then, he came across a boy, who had the same baseball hat as Ben did. “I’m lucky to have a good eyesight, even at my old age, otherwise I could have confused this boy with my little owner” he thought, when the boy in the hat ran past him.

Next, he reached a toy shop. Suddenly, he heard laughter and mocking words, from the shelf of the toy cars. “Do you need a hand finding the junkyard? Did you know your paint has faded? How dare you come outside looking like this?” laughed the others, all brand new, shiny toy cars.

The ragged, old car turned away, ashamed, he didn’t dare to look at them. Each of them looked so perfect. But as he counted all his imperfections, he started to smile. “My broken front lamp…it happened when Ben suggested I should race with Puff, the tractor” remembered the accident the ragged, old car. “And my paint faded, because sometimes Ben’s dog chewed me, or rather tickled me” laughed the car and then went on. “All my damages have a story behind them. Adventures, all of which I had with my owner. These damages show that I am loved by someone and that someone plays with me. So I am very proud of all my faults and damages” said the ragged, old car, raising his headlamps proudly.

At that moment, he was surprised. Ben ran towards him on the street. He picked up his toy and clenched it tight in his hands. “I’m so glad I finally found you. I missed you so much” said Ben to his car.

As they started their way home, the ragged, old car took one last glimpse at the other cars in the shop. The brand new cars stood there, all perfect and shiny. But now, they had jealousy in their eyes. It doesn’t happen to them often, that a little boy doesn’t admire them, but Ben payed no attention to them at all, he only had eyes for his ragged, old car. He was very happy to have found it.

“I’m glad you have found your car, Ben” said Ben’s father at home. He took the car in his hand and went on: “I can see all the scars of your adventures on it. I will bring my tools, come, let’s fix it together.”

They fixed the damages of the toy, while remembering the awesome games they played with it. They even painted the car’s windows, so they shone like silver.

“Some of the damages we couldn’t fix, but those are the reminders of the love you bare for that car, Ben” said his father, hugging his son.

Do you have a favourite toy?

How do you play with it?

Does it have any damages that remind you of playing with it?